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Leinonen T.; Wideroos K. 2000 Copyright

The Fle2 system is client server application using web-browsers as clients. Users may login and use the FLe2 through the Internet (TCP/IP) with any HTTP/HTML compliant browser such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. In this way, access to the system is platform independent and usable across Linux, Macintosh, Unix, MS Windows, and palmtops, e.g., Nokia Communicator or Windows CE.

The system functionality is implemented through extensions to servers, primarily Web servers. Thereby, the Fle2 provide seamlessly support for co-operation in heterogeneous computer/ device environments which is normally a pre-requisite for the collaboration of open groups.

The Fle2 server contains the following software components:

  • Operating system (Unix / Linux http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/linux/),
  • Web server (for instance Apache http://www.apache.org)
  • Python ( http://www.python.org)

  • Fle2 -server application
  • BSCW - server application (Basic Support for Collaborative Work, developed by the GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology)
  • EwgieServer/Client (developed by CommerceNet at CommerceNet Laboratories)

All above components are included in the Fle2 distrÝbution package, except for the operating system, web server and python. You may download the Fle2 distribution package from the download -section of this site. The following picture shows the general structure of the Fle2 client / server system.

FLe2 Research and Development is supported by NordUnet2.
R&D parters of the Fle2 project are: UIAH Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki,
Department of Communication, Journalism and Computer Science, Roskilde University, and
Centre for Research in Networked Learning and Knowledge Building, University of Helsinki

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